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Providing gentle, humane wildlife removal service in West Highland Michiganand the surrounding areas. We are devoted to preserving the balance between people and nature.

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Our team of skilled wildlife technicians in West Highland MI are trained specifically for the animals local to your area. We specialize in squirrel, raccoon, skunk, snake, groundhog, bat, and dead animal removal. We also offer a wide variety of other humane nuisance animal removal services covering moles, voles, and other unwanted wildlife, nuisance animals and pests.

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Once your West Highland home or property has been humanely cleared of wildlife, our experienced nuisance animal trapping technicians make sure that it is restored and repaired so that wildlife cannot re-enter the property. All our Michiganwildlife professionals are licensed and insured for your protection and comply with all laws regarding West Highland wildlife control and pest prevention.

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Platinum Wildlife Removal provides professional wildlife control for both residential & commercial customers in the city of Detroit in Michigan. We offer custom animal control solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem, whether it be the noises of squirrels running through the attic, a colony of bats living in a building, animals digging in your yard, or the destructive behavior of a raccoon or other critter, we have the experience and the tools to quickly and professionally solve your problem. For a consultation and price quote, give us a call.

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Oakland County Wildlife Removal Tip: Will repellents get a squirrel out of the attic? Raccoons are one of the squirrels biggest predators so if the squirrel can smell the bigger animal around, itll be more likely to flee and set up home somewhere else. Thats the fact of the matter - thats the way the natural food chain works and sometimes, just sometimes, you can use this in your favor. If you have a squirrel in your attic, you wont be able to deal with the problem completely until youve sealed up all the holes and fixed all the damage, but if trapping and removing the creature seems a little too difficult, there is one repellent you could try. Its the only one that has been proven to have any effect - eviction fluid. Its made with the urine and other bodily fluids from male raccoons and it can work to get rid of squirrels and female raccoons in some places. With squirrels, its because it thinks there is a threat of attack nearby. If you felt that, wouldnt you want to move away too?

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Bats are excluded from your home or attic through a live exclusion process. This is done by bat proofing your home with screen, caulking, caps, etc. Also a one-way trap door is installed at the entry point so the bats can get out but not get back in. We are not exterminators or a bat pest control company. We strictly and proudly only use poison free bat control methods. When thinking of exterminator or pest control company we urge you to think of the humane method for bat removal. Bats are protected both federally and in the state of Michigan. No ultrasonic, high frequency device, or bat repellent will get rid of your bats nor keep them out. Moth balls or "bat away" never works. In fact it is harmful to have in your attic or home. FTC gives a warning on the use of ultrasonic pest control devices. For more information check out our "How to Get Rid of Bats" Page.

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Attic Restoration: If wildlife has inhabited the attic of your home or building, attic restoration is an important part of a complete wildlife control solution. Attic restoration basically means restoring your attic to the good, clean condition it was in before wildlife decided to move in and make a mess of things. Animals in attics can cause the following problems: Lots of poop and urine in the insulation, Nesting material and food debris through the attic, Odor problems inside the home, Growth of mold on contaminated attic areas, Parasites, roundworm, and other pathogens, Pheromone scent that can attract new wildlife. So it's important to address these problems by cleaning, decontaminating, and restoring the attic to its original state. This is done through several steps. The proper training and equipment is required, such as a HEPA filter mask and biohazard suit, as seen to the right. Attic restoration can be quick and cheap, or intensive and expensive, depending on the amount that needs to be cleaned. Homeowner's insurance may cover the cost.

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You removed the animals from the attic, but are you finished yet? Nuisance wildlife in your attic can create problems many homeowners never think of. These animals can carry ectoparasites, which after the wildlife host is evicted, may move inside the home looking for a new hostYOU! Bat bugs, mites, ticks and fleas are just some of the ectoparasites you need to be concerned about. Mice in the attic, bats in the attic or various other vistors are notorious for bringing these pests in. Ask our Wildlife Management Specialists to inspect your attic and treat for these critters, after your problem species is removed.

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What is wildlife removal and what is considered wildlife?

The following is an interview with our local, licensed Wildlife Control Operator. He is a licensed Wildlife Control Operator located in eastern North Carolina but we are finding that the further we humans encroach on the forest and wetlands the more these services are needed throughout the United States of America.

Wildlife removal is the business of removing nuisance wildlife in and around residential or

commercial structures. Wildlife or nuisance wildlife is any wild animal that is causing damage or presenting safety concerns towards personal property, commercial property or people or pets.

Four Points most important things about protecting yourself from wildlife.

1)Always remember no matter how cute the animal is, baby or adult animal, it is still

a wild animal and wild animals can be dangerous at any time.

2)Never get in the habit of feeling wild animals - it makes them dependent on humans

to survive, instead of its natural instincts - makes them less wary of human, causing them

to get bolder and possibly attack.

3)Keep house and outbuildings and commercial buildings in a good state of repair. Wild

animals often look for weaknesses in a structure to find den sites to raise their young. Once in the structure they can cause a lot of damage which can become quite costly. They defecate inside the structure which can cause human health problems.

4)Rabies is another health concern when dealing with wild animals. Take precautions

when working or playing in the out of doors where wildlife may be present.

How do I choose a wildlife removal service?

*Is the Wildlife Control Operator (WCO) licensed?

*Do they have liability insurance? If so how much 100,000 dollars of coverage is easy to obtain. There is no excuse not to have protection for the unknown circumstances.

*Did the WCO provide you with a variety of control options?

*Is the WCO knowledgeable or belong to State, local, or national organizations?

Are there any other services Wildlife Removal Services provide other than removal?

*We also provide exclusion so the animals will not return or new animals will not inhabit your property. We also do minor repairs to residential property caused by wildlife, if the damage is deemed serious or commercial in nature we have sub-contractors we can recommend to aide you in restoring your property.

*We also provide dead animal removal. So there you have the answers to a few questions with an expert in his field. He leaves us with just one pundit of food for thought.

" Sorry for the inconvenience but we do not remove MICE, RATs, INSECTS, or INLAWS."

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We are a full service wildlife removal company that is family-owned and operated. Every year, thousands of people in the Oakland, Wayne, Livingston and Macomb Counties are bothered by raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, birds and even groundhogs. If not taken care of quickly, the damage caused by many of these animals can cost hundreds of dollars. People have also become more aware of health issues associated with bats, skunks, raccoons, birds, etc. Our website serves to provide you with detailed information on these animals including their behavior, habitats, physical descriptions, reproduction information, lifespans, habits and more. We include pictures of the mature species, babies, sounds and even footprints so that you might identify with the pesky animal invading your space.

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Denver is plagued with many animal control problems. The recent problem with squirrels having bubonic plague is only one of them. Plague is an ancient disease and occurs in irregular cycles in many parts of the world including the United States.

What do you do if you have a sick squirrel on your property?

Do not attempt to capture the animal. Plague is transmitted by flea bites and any contact with wildlife may transfer the fleas to you.

The first call should be to a wildlife professional that is trained to remove the animal. If the animal appears lethargic, sluggish or just is not acting right, it may need to be taken to a Health Department for testing.

Distemper is another common disease that infects raccoons in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Golden and other cities in the Denver Metro area.

Symptoms of distemper are a goopy discharge from the eyes, the eyes sunken into the head, a sluggish or drunken appearance while walking and disorientation. The animal is usually not aggressive; it just appears "out of it".

A wildlife professional has the proper equipment and training to safely and effectively handle any potentially diseased animal. Distemper is not transmittable to humans, but your pets can acquire the disease. Make sure they are protected from the disease through vaccination from your Veterinarian.

Prevention is the key to stop animals from living in your home. Take a look at the outside of the home and make sure that vents are screened, rooflines sealed and chimneys capped.

Colorado is host to many wildlife diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lime Disease, Hantavirus, Distemper and Rabies. By protecting your property from infestation, you will prevent most wildlife occurrences.

If you suspect your home has been invaded by unwanted guests, have a Wildlife Professional inspect it as soon as possible.

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There are many sicknesses that humans can contract from nuisance wildlife droppings. If there has been a prolonged infestation of raccoons, bats, birds, mice, or any other wildlife, it is a good chance your attic needs to be restored. After the fecal matter of these nuisance animals sits in your attic over an extended period of time, it can start to develop spores of bacteria. Wildlife scent left in the attic will also attract more nuisance animals in the future. Usually 1-3 weeks of infestation can require the attic to be restored due to damages and wildlife scent. The offending nuisance wildlife animals should be trapped or excluded before attic clean up takes place. If you ever decide to inspect your own attic for wildlife droppings, make sure to get a quality respirator to avoid berating in any harmful material. If you are a homeowner with attic restoration questions, feel free to email me about your problems.

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Invasive Species The U.S. Gave The World, Including Lobsters, Raccoons And Bullfrogs

From TakePart's Paige Brettingen:

Undoubtedly, the United States exports some of the world's most in-demand products--aircraft and medical equipment, to name just two. But not everything that leaves American shores is a wanted commodity, especially when it has jumped--or crawled--ship.

Here's a look at the underbelly of exports: eight American critters that have been shipped abroad--either accidentally or intentionally--and have created out-of-control messes. From preying on indigenous wildlife in Asia to spreading illnesses in Europe, these eight invasive species are definitely out-staying their welcome in other parts of the world.

List and captions courtesy of TakePart

8 Invasive Species The U.S. Gave The World

8 Invasive Species The U.S. Gave The World

Rosy Wolfsnail

Native to the southeastern United States, the rosy wolfsnail was introduced to islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans in the 1950s by the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture in an attempt to control the giant African land snails plaguing agricultural areas. The wolfsnail is now found in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Madagascar and French Polynesia, to name a few of its present locations. The rosy wolfsnail has been strongly linked to the extinction of numerous snail species in all of these regions.

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Wildlife may be beautiful, but wild animals can also be a nuisance if found residing in a bad place. Our company offers specialized animal removal services to help control wildlife. We are going to remove wild animals out of your home or garden, including skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and much more. We completely understand the nature in the job, and you will be rest assured that we will remove wild animals safely and effectively. Our employees are educated and specially educated to handle wildlife. Government entities regulates animal control to make certain animals are treated properly.

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Today, there are numerous animal removal services claiming to be experts in the industry. However, each and every them can deal some barely know what this service entails. Therefore, before you decide to contract any animal removal service you need to be sure that they hold the proper license to allow for them work in their respective state or county. Moreover, they ought to possess the right insurance to permit them work in your home. We have the correct license and insurance to allow us carry out our duties stress-free. We are also well-trained professionals with extensive experience. Most calls for nuisance removal involve skunks, raccoons, and squirrels.

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Apparently, raccoons are one of the most destructive and nuisance wildlife animals. These animals are very well-fitted to suburban environment, are smart, and adapt quickly to their surroundings. House owners have reported that raccoons sift through their outdoor trash to find meals and in many cases enter houses you can eat food from the cupboards. We will assist you to get rid of raccoons immediately before they eat your outdoor family pet food.

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Squirrels mate from the fall and spring, and this is when wildlife removal services receive most calls in regards to the wildlife nuisance. In warm weather, however, squirrels can be a problem at any season. We provide 24/7 wildlife control service to offer you the comfort you have to enjoy your property. Squirrels can destroy your own home building materials by chewing through them. These animals can be a nuisance they are going to produce a hole with your walls and gnaw on electrical, wires, and home security systems. Squirrels can also access your attic and poop there. We remove these creatures, then clean surrounding, sanitize your home, and seal every one of the access points that squirrels reap the benefits of.

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Skunks are interesting creatures they will spray you from even 10 feet away from their anal glands like a defense mechanism. When you notice the existence of skunks anywhere near your own home then you should contact us immediately to ensure that we are able to send our experienced professionals to come and take away these notoriously difficult animals to capture. Skunks are difficult to get rid of and desire only experienced professionals to hook.

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Wildlife animals can be quite a nuisance if living amongst us. Squirrels and skunks can leave feces and urine which can be hazardous on your health. But there is no need to bother with health issues anymore. Just call us when the thing is that these animals around your own home so we shall eliminate them as soon as possible.


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Rifle, shotgun or bow? Check. Welcome to this website that literally brings simple circuit diagram of milligauss meter which works impeccable with the least consumption of electric charge. Be it your home, person, clothing, workplace, school, hospital and more, all will become dirty with time. The rising population also as industrialization has brought not only development but undesirable impact on natural resources and environment. When professional demolition experts bring down large buildings, towers, and bridges it usually draws a crowd.

* Scent control camouflage clothing - Head-to-toe ScentLok camo shirts, jackets, gloves, pants and socks really are a prominent item on Fairfax, Va. Exporting outsourcing companies can help you navigate the tangled web of export laws and avoid the cost to getting an export license. The female of the species tended being the home-maker and also the male the hunter-gatherer.

Tired of the headaches and strain associated with a traditional neck strap? In his article within the April 2006 issue of Petersen's Hunting, writer Bryce M. Exporting outsourcing companies can help you navigate the tangled web of export laws and steer clear of the cost of getting an export license. , covets a pair of top-quality binos. Particles from pigeon pings can circulate through the air, developing a threat to humans along with other animals.

It is within fact impossible to generate hormones like oestrogen and progesterone if you've a boron deficiency. It includes urban planning, advanced building design and strict regulations. . Here is a condensed notion of the way the wind turbine works:.

In addition to general export laws, you will find a quantity of other agencies you'll need being acquainted with should you anticipate exporting goods commercially. The story of your dream to save lots of this magnificent bird shows the same courage and honor as we associate with all the bird itself. In Victorian England people would regularly report that "Cleanliness, is next to Godliness".

In order to share with what type of export license you need, you've to know the Export Control Classification Number of an item you need to ship. Although this act offered a promise for that way ahead for the eagle, the struggle for survival was far from over. The BIS handles the creation and administration of the Export Administration Regulations, which can be the group of rules that governs the export on most commercial items in the United States. The clearly defined lines of the role of the cleaner have become merged plus it is currently any person's task.

Lynda M Lacroix is surely an accomplished writer with 40 years experience working with nature and species that inhabit this planet. A homestead life uses the circle of life merged with technology bringing back basic values that have been forgotten. That's literally a 24/7 pest control management. Bonus credits for bats - they are also distinguished pollinators.


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